News and Announcements

  • New Podcast series - Sustainable Business Talks

    A new podcast series, hosted by Dr Ulla Saari, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Business at Jönköping International Business School, and researcher at MMTC, brings academics and practitioners together to talk about the key issues involved in transitioning to a circular economy.
  • New web series

    The Esports Research Network, of which MMTC is a founding member, is launching a new webseries ‘The Esports Research Report’. The series seeks to understand and explore the current state of esports research.
  • Latest blog post

    MMTC member Stefan Melesko published on
  • New article in International Journal of Esports

    MMTC members Leona Achtenhagen and Brian McCauley have published a new article. 
  • Congratulations Dr. Marta Caccamo

    MMTC member Marta Caccamo has succesfully defended her Doctoral thesis. 
  • Marta Cacamo featured in Esbri

    MMTC member Marta Cacamo is interviewed about her research on innovation in the online magazine Esbri (in Swedish only).
  • New Video available on JU Play

    MMTC members Duncan Levinsohn and Marta Caccamo discuss characteristics which are present in Entrepreneurial Spaces.

  • New Book Chapter

    MMTC member Brian McCauley has contributed a chapter to a new book titled "Reading "Black Mirror": Insights into technology and the post-media condition" (edited by G. A. Duarte & J. M. Battin).


Content updated 2020-03-23