News and Announcements

  • emma Conference 2021

    MMTC is hosting the emma 2021 conference from 27- 29 October and have launched the official call for papers. 
  • Work with us!

    Jönköping International Business School and MMTC is recruiting a Post-Doc position in entrepreneurship and business development.
  • New book by Christian Sandström available now

    In his latest book – Mer för mindre? Tillväxt och hållbarhet i Sverige (More for less? Growth and Sustainability in Sweden) - MMTC member Christian Sandström together with his co-author Jonas Grafström, considers whether economic growth can be achieved in combination with sustainable development?
  • Sustainable Business TalksPodcast #3 available now

    The third podcast in the Sustainable Business Talks is focused on Cradle-to-Cradle design and is available to listen to now.
  • New web series

    The Esports Research Network, of which MMTC is a founding member, is launching a new webseries ‘The Esports Research Report’. The series seeks to understand and explore the current state of esports research.
  • Latest blog post

    MMTC member Stefan Melesko published on
  • New article in International Journal of Esports

    MMTC members Leona Achtenhagen and Brian McCauley have published a new article. 
  • Congratulations Dr. Marta Caccamo

    MMTC member Marta Caccamo has succesfully defended her Doctoral thesis. 


Content updated 2020-03-23