Jerker Moodysson

Professor, Business Administration, Dean of JIBS

Jerker’s research focuses on innovation, with emphasis on transformation of firms and industries. He contributes to research on knowledge dynamics, transformation of industries and regions, and innovation policy. He is particularly interested in assessing how societal institutions influence organisations’ innovative capacity, how institutional change enables or hinders innovation, and how different stakeholders influence such change processes. His studies focus on different types of geographic locations such as city-regions and more peripheral areas, and on different types of economic activities.


A large part of his research arrives at distinct policy implications and he enjoys feedback from policymakers, business and society. His work is published in journals such as Economic Geography, Environment and Planning A, European Planning Studies, European Urban and Regional Studies, Industry and Innovation, Regional Studies, and Science and Public Policy. Before joining JIBS, he was Professor of Innovation Studies and Director at CIRCLE, Lund University.

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