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Research data management

In the development towards open science, it is not only important to have access to publications. There is also an expectation to make the data that research is based on freely available as well.

The main idea is that collected, primary data can be reused for additional research and development whenever possible. An important principle for the management of research data is that it should be FAIR, i.e. Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.

Data management plan

The data management plan is a tool used to ensure well thought-out and sound work with research data. The plan should be a living document that can develop and evolve. The purpose of the plan is to provide support early in the research process in order to avoid future problems with data management. Many funding agencies now require a data management plan at the time of application.

Secure storage

It is important that research data is always stored securely. The IT-department at JU can help with different storage solutions.


Work with research data is not finished until the saved data has been archived. The archive department at JU can offer advice in connection with this part of the process.

Content updated 2020-10-05