MMTC was awarded a new grant by KK for the project DPer News – A studio approach to news personalization

In December 2016, KK (The Knowledge Foundation of Sweden) announced the list of winners of a new round of grants for research projects. The MMTC team (Daved Barry & Mart Ots of JIBS, and Ulf Johansson & Anette Johansson of JTH) received 4,8 million SEK for the project “DPer News – A studio approach to news personalization”.

The project involves the media company Hallpressen and the IT company Infomaker, and concentrates on the digital personalization of news. Within the focus area “digital business innovation,” MMTC has also received two other recent grants. One is from Jönköping Regional Research Programme—3,3 million SEK for the “DATAMINE” project, with Ulf Johansson, Mart Ots, Daved Barry, and others from JTH. The other is from the Vinnova Foundation—1,3 million SEK for the “Digital Business Innovation Studio” project, with Daved Barry, Henry Lopez-Vega, and Mart Ots.

For more details regarding the announcement of grants by KK, please check the weblink:

DPer News (Swedish only)