MMTC hosts a practitioner workshop focussed on Online communities.

How can businesses and organisations can strategically use social media?

Managing social media in a good way can be a challenge for many entrepreneurs. It can be perceived as an obligation to operate business accounts in several social media, but the benefit of it is not always obvious. It is also resource-intensive and without a clear goal it can be difficult to see how social media fits into the company's other strategies. Often the result is that organisations follow up customer interactions in digital marketing campaigns with the help of simple statistics but overlook the strategic potential.

During this practitioner focussed worskhop, MMTC reseachers Thomas Cyron, Annika Ehlers and Leona Achtenhagen presented research findings and insights to help organisations develop their strategic thinking around social media and how it can be used within the organisations activities.

The workshop was hosted by MMTC as a breakfast and networking meeting.

Workshop session