New publication from MMTC member Lucia Pizzichini

Managing a scientific journal can be a demanding task for both academics and practitioners. It's essential for journal editors to have a clear understanding of their publication's performance and to identify areas for improvement in order to enhance the journal's influence.

Assistant Professor Lucia Pizzichini Opens in new window., from JIBS, along with her co-authors Vincenzo Basile from Federico II University of Naples and Shahryar Sorooshian from the University of Gothenburg, have had their paper accepted in the ABS 2 Journal Socio-Economic Planning Sciences. The paper is titled "A Scientometrics-Based Journal Management Framework: A Strategic Move".

This article proposes a management framework informed by scientometrics and bibliometrics, which utilize statistical techniques to analyze models of information distribution. This framework aims to empower journals to enhance their impact by effectively utilizing editorial knowledge and expertise, thereby pushing the boundaries of existing knowledge. Through a case study of a prominent journal, we evaluate the feasibility of implementing this framework. The study systematically identifies the key contributions of the case journal and suggests strategies for potential growth.

The findings not only offer an overview of the benefits of adopting a scientometrics-based approach to journal management but also provide actionable recommendations to strengthen the journal's impact on the field. Consequently, this article aims to provide value to publishers, journal editors, readers, and policymakers alike by facilitating better management practices and ultimately contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

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