Welcome Tim Risse, MMTC visiting doctoral student from EBS University

Young man smiling at the camera

This May, Tim Risse will visit MMTC and JIBS and will work with his second supervisor, Dr. Madeleine Meurer.

Tim began his PhD journey only recently at EBS University under the mentorship of Prof. Matthias Waldkirch, a JIBS alumnus. Tim's connection with JIBS runs deep — he earned his Bachelor’s degree there in 2021 through a dual-degree program with EBS and continued to complete a Masters in Management, as well as an MBA at Korea University.

His research focuses on deception detection in online communities, a fascinating extension of his interests in deceptive entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial fraud. When not immersed in research, he is passionate about staying active and exploring new places, always eager to absorb diverse experiences and perspectives.

Tim is excited to present his findings at the upcoming MMTC seminar on May 15, 2024. He looks forward to meeting many of you on campus soon and engaging in enriching discussions!