Sindi Sheri

MMTC Doctoral Candidate

Sindi's research interests focuses on entrepreneurship, digitalization, and the development of early established firms

A Portrait of Sindi Sheri

Sindi Sheri is a Doctoral candidate who has been with MMTC since 2018. Sindi is also a representative for Business Administration Ph.D. candidates on the Board of the Doctoral students at Jönköping International Business School.

Having earned her Master of Science (MSc) in the field Of Marketing from Linnaeus University, Sindi has worked as a professional marketer in a range of companies across Sweden. Her knowledge and skills reach into various disciplines, including Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing Analysis, and Advertising. Sindi has also developed her own Digital Startup and has worked as a consultant assisting other startups. It was during this time that Sindi discovered she had a great interest in the area of entrepreneurship.

Sindi’s research interest is particularly focused in the areas of entrepreneurship, digitalization, and especially the development of new ventures. Collaborations and projects within entrepreneurship and digitalization excite Sindi and she is very open to any kind of conversations that can generate creative and sustainable ideas. Over the coming years, Sindi will continue to develop her research into new ventures and their development in connection to digitalization. This is a key area of research for today's societal context.

Sindi is passionate about research, collaboration and the development of ideas. She says:

“I see research as the magic wand that by uncovering new knowledge, can make the strongest holistic contributions to academia, practitioners and the wider society. MMTC is the best place to do that, and I feel lucky to share such a great work environment, with a great culture, and with insightful and kind scholars.”