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  • New information desk in the library

    In a few weeks, we can look forward to a new information desk at a new location in the library. Until then, you will be able to ask us questions in a couple of different places, initially in Caffè Dallucci. On Thursday 12 May and Friday 13 May, floor sanding will be carried out near the library's entrance. To avoid the sounds, we will create a temporary information point in Caffè Dallucci. Visit us there if, for example, you need help finding a book or referring to a text. The ... Read more…

Ask the library

Is there anything you would like to ask the library about? Get assistance from a librarian through email or phone.

Book time for search help

Are you working on a project for which you need help searching for information? Get personal guidance from a librarian.

Suggest an acquisition

Feel free to suggest library acquisitions. If you request a book and it is purchased, you will be the first in line to be able to borrow it.