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We are in the process of implementing a new internal system for exchange, Mobility Online Application (MOA) which will replace the old system IntApps.

For students going on exchange Autumn 2023

During the time of transition, we need to use both systems in parallell. Students then use the systems for different parts in the process.

This is an overview of which system is used for what:


  • Application for Exchange studies
  • Create Exchange/language and insurance certificates (Note, if you need transcript of records you contact Service Center!)
  • Erasmus+ application and documents
  • MOA Portal - Information about partner universities opened May 9th.
  • Course selection module (opened October 11th for students studying on exchange from spring 2024)


  • Information about partner universities before applying for exchange studies - not updated any longer, use MOA Portal below instead!
  • Course selection and accreditation - IntApps (students studying on exchange fall 2023 and earlier)
  • Find courses former students studied - IntApps
  • Find former students who studied abroad - IntApps

Students going on exchange from Spring 2024 will ONLY use MOA.


MOA Portal - Information about partner universities

Application for exchange studies

Students who are eligible to apply will receive an email with an application link, when the application opens.

Login to MOA

Students who are admitted for exchange studies, please use this link to login to your workflow.



Login to IntApps

Every faculty name below is a link to their IntApps login page:
(use your JU student account login to enter the system)

Contact us via the links below or visit us during the drop in online or at Service Center

Weekly Drop-in

Drop-in online: Mondays and Thursdays, 11.30-12.30

At Service Center : Wednesdays, 11:30 - 12:30

* Drop-in will be closed on 7 Dec due to a department meeting

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